Junior Spartan Football

Frequently Asked Questions

2017 – 2018 Football Season



Q – Who can play?

A – Jr Spartan Football is open to residents and open-enrollment students (boys and girls) in the Brookfield East High School attendance area who will be in 5th thru 8th grade during the 2017-2018 school year.  4th graders “playing up” will be accepted as needed.



Q – What grade levels will have teams?

A – We will have teams for 5th,6th, 7th and 8th graders.



Q – How many teams will each grade level have?
A – Each grade level will have one team – split into 2 squads if able based on registration totals (White and Navy).  The squads are split evenly based on player size and ability.  The squads practice together as one team.



Q – If my child is a 4th grader, can he play?

A – YES – 4th graders are allowed to “Play Up” on the 5th grade team, as availability allows.



Q – If we don’t live in Brookfield, but my child is open-enrolled in the Elmbrook school district, can they play for Jr Spartans?

A – YES – Jr Spartan football is open to residents and open-enrollment students in the Brookfield East High School attendance area.



Q – How many players are needed per team?
A – The number of players depends…ideally, 18-20 players, but there is no magic number, and it will depend on how many players register.



Q – Are there “cuts” or “try outs”?

A – NO – all players who register before the due date will be accepted.



Q – What is the reason and how do we split into two squads (White and Navy)?

A –Splitting into two squads typically allows each player to have more playing time and experience in the game.  Teams are split equally by size, ability and player positions.



Q – Can I request that my child be on a specific squad with a friend for carpool reasons?

A – NO.  Squads are divided based on player ability and positions.  Since both squads practice together as one team, carpooling should be a non-issue.



Q – Does my child need a physical to play?
A – YES – as a part of the “Certification of Health, Participation and Waiver of Liability” form, parents of children playing football are asked to confirm that the child has had a physical examination by a licensed physician within the last twelve months, and has received permission by the physician to participate in the Spartan Youth Football Association, Inc. competitive athletic program. However we do not ask for proof of physical or signed from their doctor.



Q – Can children play with medical conditions?  What kind of pre-cautions are taken?

A – YES – if cleared by a licensed physician.  We ask that parents alert coaches of any medical conditions and treatments, so that everyone can work together to ensure a safe and healthy season.



Q – Does the Junior Spartan program do Concussion Testing?
A – YES – all 6th, 7th and 8th grade players are asked to participate in taking a baseline concussion test.  The baseline test is good for 2 years.  Subsequent baseline testing will occur every other year, as necessary.  These baseline tests are used when there is concerned that a player may have incurred a concussion.  Players are not able to return to play unless cleared.  5th graders are not tested because the results are not relied upon by the software manufacturer.



Q – What are safety precautions taken at games?

A – An Athletic Trainer will be on site during all games, provided by the Home Team.



Q – Are there weight restrictions for carrying the football?

A – YES – there are weight restrictions for offensive players/positions that would potentially carry the football.  They are as follows:

8th Grade – maximum weight of 160 lbs

7th Grade – maximum weight of 140 lbs

6th Grade – maximum weight of 120 lbs

5th Grade – maximum weight of 100 lbs

All players will have an official “Weigh In” before the first game for an official weight.


Ball carrying players who are close to the weight limit will be asked to weigh in weekly, to ensure they do not exceed the limit.


If a player is over the weight limit at the time of the weigh in, and subsequently loses weight after the weigh in, they will still not be able to carry the ball in an offensive position.  If over the weight limit at the time of weigh in, they are dis-qualified from offensive ball carrying all season, no exceptions.


NOTE – just because a player may be under the weight limit to carry the ball, does not mean they will carry the ball.  Depends on a lot of factors (# of players per position, player ability, safety….)



Q – When do practices start?
A – Practice is scheduled to start on Monday August 7, 2017 at 5:00pm.



Q – When and where do teams practice?
A – Practice starts on Monday August 7, 2017.

During the month of August, we typically practice 5 nights a week (M-Tu-W-Th-F) starting at approximately 5:00pm.  The schedule varies based on AAYFL training regulations, typically 2hours per day for the first 2 weeks of August, 2 ½ hours per day for weeks 3-4 of August.  More information will be available, as we get closer to the start of the practice season.


Once school starts, practice is typically 3 nights a week, approximately 2 hours per night.


All Grades (5th, 6th, 7th & 8th) are scheduled to practice at Burleigh Elementary School.

NOTE – Practice locations are tentative and may change as we get closer to the practice season.



Q – Is there a practice requirement before “contact” can begin?
A – YES – We follow the WIAA Acclimation Policy.  All players must fulfill 10 hours of “no-pad / non-contact” practice before they can begin practice with “contact” (full pads).  These 10 hours are fulfilled the first week of practice in August.   For those players who miss any days during the first week, they will have to “make up” their non-contact days the subsequent week.  These 10 hours will need to be completed prior to full-contact.  It is very important that players get their non-contact requirement fulfilled during the first week of practice so they don’t fall behind.



Q – What if we have a vacation planned during the month of August, and my child misses practice?

A – Practice is a very important part of football safety and knowledge.   Ideally, a child would not miss practice, so they will be up to speed on plays and safety.  If a child does miss practice, please work with the Head Coach to see if there are steps to help the child catch up with what was missed.

NOTE:  all players are required to have 10 hours of practice with no-pads / non-contact before contact can begin.  These 10 hours are met during the first week of practice (August 7th thru 11th).  If a player misses practice during this week, they will need to make up the hours missed during the next week of practice, while other players are practicing in pads.



Q – What if my child misses practice during the school year (Sept/Oct)?

A – Ideally, players would not miss practice.  If your child is sick, please do not send them to practice.  But, if they are able to make it to practice, please send them.  For example, if they are recovering from an injury and cannot physically participate in practice, but are able to sit on the sidelines and listen to and learn the plays/direction, please send them.  Coaches and players discuss and work on strategy for the upcoming game during practice.  If a child misses practice, there is a possibility that they may not get as much play time during the upcoming game if they are not ready to play.  Safety comes first.



Q – How often do teams practice during the school year?

A – Once school begins, teams typically practice 3 nights per week (vs 5 nights per week in August) – approximately 2 hours per night.  Specific days of the week are to be determined by the Head Coaches and field availability.






Q – How many games do we play, and when are they?

A – Each team will play approximately 2 scrimmages in the month of August (typically the 3rd and 4th Saturday of August), and approximately 8 games.  Games typically start the first Saturday of September, and typically run thru the last Saturday of October.  Most games are played on Saturday, but occasionally there are some Sunday games in October due to field availability.



Q – Do the “White” and “Navy” squads play the same competitors?
A – NO – the “White” squad will follow one schedule of competitors.  The “Navy” squad will play a different set of competitors.  Each year, schedules will alternate, if possible, to give players exposure to all teams in the league.



Q – Each grade level team is split into two squads if registration allows?  Is one squad considered the “A – team” vs the “B-team”?

A – By splitting into two squads, players will have more playing experience, exposure and time of play.    The squads are split equally based on size and ability.  There is no “A-team” or “B-team”.  Teams are split as “White” or “Navy”.  Both teams are equal.



Q – I have children in 2 (or more) grade levels playing football.  Will my children play at the same location?

A – If you have one player in the program already, whatever “squad” color they are on, will be the same squad color your subsequent player will be on (in the appropriate grade level).  All grade levels of “White” or “Navy” will follow the same schedule if possible.  So – where ever your 8th grade Navy player plays, will typically be where your 6th grade Navy player will play, although this is not guaranteed.



Q – When do we play?

A – Typically, games are played on Saturdays, although sometimes in late October, we have games on Sunday due to field availability.  Typically, game times are as follows:

8th Grade             9:00am

7th Grade             10:30am

6th Grade             12:00noon

5th Grade             1:30pm

NOTE – these times are not guaranteed for all games, and should be used directionally until actual schedules are available.



Q – What are the rules about the amount of playing time?

A – It’s about energy, effort, hard work and commitment.  We don’t have a specific guideline for the amount of play time per player.  There are a lot of variables that also come into play:  # of players per position, ability, and safety to name a few….



Q – Do I have to volunteer?

A – All families are required to provide a minimum of 6 hours of volunteer time during the season, unless a $250.00 “Volunteer Opt-Out Fee” is included with registration fees.



Q – Is there a “multi-child discount” available?
A – NO.  Registration fees cover equipment, field maintenance, game fees and uniforms.

– Can girls play?

A – YES – Jr Spartan football is open to residents and open-enrollment students in the Brookfield East High School attendance area.  Boys and girls.



Q – Are there other opportunities for Player Development?
A – YES – there will be a number of supplemental camps that players can, and are encouraged to, attend (although it is not required). Camp information is sent out by the Jr. Spartan organization as it is obtained.


Q – If I want to help coach, who do I talk to?

A – Please reach out to the Head Coach of your child’s team to see if there are open positions available.



Q – Is there a Registration Deadline?

A – YES – Registration Forms and Fees are DUE February 28, 2017.  Registration received after March 1, 2017 will incur an additional $50.00 late fee.



Q – Is there a Cancellation Policy?

A – YES – you will receive a full refund minus $25.00 processing fee if registration is cancelled/withdrawn on or before March 31st.  75% refund after March 31st but before June 1st.  No refunds after June 1st.